The First Americans: Their Customs, Art, 
History and How They Lived
*Up-to-date information on contemporary events' the renais-sance of Indian art, the renewed interest in tribal
customs, the achievements of Indian artists.
* More than 700 illustrations, including meticulous reconstructions of village life; photos of rare artifacts, 
original illustrations of tribal rituals, skills, and crafts.
* Eminent historical figures- Sacajawea, Sequoyah, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Osceola, and more.
* Full color maps of tribal boundaries, language groups, and migration routes.
    In today's hectic society the life of these vigorous people who once filled the land often seems to
have vanished. But look more closely.  Look at our way of life, our history and you'll find the rich
legacy of the Native American. Meet these men and women, the memory of whom still haunts 
America and get acquainted with an integral part of our heritage - in this honest and informative celebration of the American Indian.

Chief Consultant; Stanley A. Freed, Ph.D., 
Curator; Department of Anthropology 
The American Museum of Natural History

Native Americans of Calif. and Nevada  
Revised Edition.   Jack Forbes wrote this ethnographic study of Indian cultures from the prehistory to present-day times, covering an area that today is the states of California and Nevada. Includes a fascinating history of Indian-white relations with a section on the multicultural approach to Indian education and suggestions for teachers and administrators, schools, and personnel training programs.

240 pages  $11