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SCAIR-Tribal TANF Career Expo 2011

By Roy Cook

This ‘Faces of Success’ Career Mentoring Expo event is sponsored and coordinated by Southern California American Indian Resource Center, SCAIR administration and learning center.

SCAIR both administers and participated in partnership affiliations with: Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, TANF services. Both organizations’ are under the wing of the Southern California Tribal Chairman’s Association.

Bill Johnson, SCAIR Board President opened the Career expo of organizational and employment representatives. Firstly he acknowledged the SCAIR staff and stated the basic mission of SCAIR is to help our qualified Tribal citizens. He then called upon SCAIR Senior advisor Randy “Burt Reynolds” Edmonds, Kiowa-Caddo, for his Tribal thoughts and the blessing of this employment opportunity experience. Bill introduced the expos emcee: Frank Pancucci, SCAIR project coordinator.

Frank introduced each of the honored speakers: Bonnie Edmonds, Sarah Hernandez, Tanya Bigfeather Mapes, Jessica Eldridge, Lisa Turner, Jennifer Ceballos, Beverly Neddeau, Karen Vigneault, Barbra Faith, Roxanne Boronowski, Amika Smith and Brad Rushing from the Alpine Fire Protection District.

Midway in the presentations Frank called upon Bill Johnson to invite all to partake of the nutritional opportunity. The Mexican theme was well received and very tasty.

The education and organizations were: SCAIR, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Southern California Tribal Chairman’s Assn., Atria Salon Professionals, Southern Indian Health Council, New Horizons, Kaplan College, Urban Corps, Teen Talkers and Newbridge College.

The day was basically organized into a series of personal testimonial presentations by speakers from these education and organizations. These empowering and inspirational presentations offered many shared life experiences that shadowed the challenges and opportunities of many of the Training program participants. This event will inspire and help many to face life’s’ challenges. It may also introduce methods to better understand, plan and prepare for career choices during these hard economic times.

The SCAIR main office is located in Alpine and downtown San Diego. Wanda Michaelis is the Executive Director of Southern California American Indian Resource Center, SCAIR. We thank you all for being a part of the success of this career event.