SCAIR Honors USD Counseling Graduates

By Roy Cook

The celebration at the Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR, San Diego Counseling offices on June 10, 2010 recognized the tangible success of the partnership with the University of San Diego. The SCAIR interns from the Graduate Clinical Psychology Department of the University of San Diego have completed their program and they receive well earned recognition and awards of merit: Neda Fariba, Leilani Sharrett, Tati Khachatryan, Pam Wilson, Mary Lou Gomez and Frank Pancucci.


This morning is an occasion for SCAIR to host the honors and recognition of the program designed by Dr. Ronn Johnson. He is a recipient of an award of merit and appreciation from the SCAIR organization. The presentation, speeches, casual meeting with other SCAIR programs are held in the people friendly and comfortable SCAIR offices. SCAIR team members: SCAIR Senior advisor Randy Edmonds, Cultural coordinator Vickie Gambala, Ernie Salgado, Historian Roy Cook and Soaring Eagle Richard Orvedal.

New visitors still compliment the consulting SCAIR offices design and decoration. This decoration was under the direct efforts of SCAIR Board President William Johnson and the Executive Director of SCAIR, Wanda Michaelis.

SCAIR office manager Tracy Stevens organized healthy and filling refreshments: roast beef, turkey, tuna with cheese on French rolls, relish trays of fruit, raw vegetables, pickles and olives in both of the 4265 Fairmount Ave. Suite 160, San Diego, CA 92105 offices. Also, there is more celebration as the afternoon visitors circulate between the offices and enjoy the celebration with hot coffee, cake and ice cream. The smiling, happy hostess, Cristina Rosado, pleasantly served us.


Also honored this day is SCAIR Education specialist, Cristina Rosado. She will be replaced by one of the graduates, Mary Lou Gomez. Cristina will be moving to El Paso, Texas or Anadarko, Oklahoma depending on the assignment of her family. Two Professional Clinical Psychology counselors, Frank Pancucci and Neda Fariba will staff both the Alpine and the San Diego offices and are now part of the counseling services of the Southern California American Indian Resource Center, SCAIR.

These SCAIR activities are the culmination discussions leading to the partnership on September 2, 2009, Dr. Ronn Johnson proposed this counseling program to SCAIR executives at the SCAIR family training center in Alpine, California. The core basis of the program is: NA-FACES, Native American Forensic Assessment, Consultation and Education Services. Dr Ronn Johnson said, “This is a counseling service based on Native healing practices.”

Executive Director of SCAIR, Wanda Michaelis earlier said, “This counseling program is a commitment that was part of a vision of her Father. Her staff and family are dedicated to bring services and motivate those Native Americans and others who will benefit from the programs and services under the SCAIR umbrella.” SCAIR has been providing services to the greater San Diego American Indian and other qualified recipients since 1997.