SCTCA Back to School 2012
By Roy Cook

Historically this Town and Country convention center, Mission Valley area is one of the best known of the twenty-five and more villages all along the banks of this San Diego River. From Cosoy to Nipaguay we will again be in the midst of well-known Indian trails and locations. If we could see past the over developed growth our Native American heritage is still here today and in plain sight and yet so often unseen. Our Native American Tribal people, both locally and from across Indian country, have been constantly and are still residents of America’s finest city on this day, July 14, 2012.
TANF Site manager, Lynne Ray Smith and Roy Cook look over the SCTCA orientation presentation schedule.


The cultural presentations by Alan Hatcher, Ben Nance and Roy Cook were graced by the Indian flute songs from William Buchanan, AIWA President.

The TANF program application process can be conveniently thought of in three steps: reception, informational interview, and program orientation; intake interview; and celebration of successful completion.

Our greatest appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the presentation for our sponsors and organizers: SDTCA Tribal TANF.