Toltekas en Aztlan - All Souls Day
By Roy Cook

25 years ago Toltekas en Aztlan performed with poetry and traditional dances at the Annual All Souls Day in Chicano Park, the public was invited to participate in the ceremony. Once again, Intertribal singers of San Diego: Steve Rouillard, Dakota Sioux, Ben Nance, Roy Cook, Opata/Osage, are invited by organizers, Ixleca, to open the ceremony. Also attending are three Dine’ members of the All Nations Juniors. These young men have been winning many prizes for their excellent singing and they like to sing!

The 25th Annual All Souls Day at Chicano Park is located under the Coronado Bridge, one block east of Cesar Chavez parkway and Logan Avenue, in San Diego. Saturday, November 1, from 12, noon to 5:00 p.m. Emotions have been high this past week but life will continue. There is a teaching in this recent disaster. Our Mother Earth will from time to time purify herself. This may be by water or fire. Our responsibilities are to learn from these natural examples and continue our customs and traditional ways.

Since ancient times The Day of the Dead Ceremony is called Milhuikaihuitl. The ancient festival was originally celebrated in late July/early August. The feast has moved to All Hallows' Eve by Spanish priests. What is the difference between Halloween and the Day of the Dead? Halloween is based on a medieval European concept of death, and is populated by demons, witches and other images of terror -- all of them negative. The Day of the Dead, in contrast, is distinctly different. It is a uniquely Indo-Hispanic custom that demonstrates strong sense of love and respect for one’s ancestors; celebrates the continuance of life, family relationships, community solidarity and even finds humor after death -- all positive concepts!

November 2, 2003, we had the honor of commemorating three Chicanos, who passed away last year: Honoree Ron Trujillo. Second honoree is Roy Talamantez. Third is Felipe Esparza. We recognize their lifelong efforts to make this park a success.

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