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Inter-Tribal Traditions Council, ITTC, is a name change trial balloon for the Council’s consideration. “Juan’s choice was too clunky and archaic”, rc.

First fall meeting, September 22, 2011- Centro Cultural de la Raza, Balboa Park.

Early representatives: Paula Brim, Vickie Gambala, Connie Greybull, Henry Medibles, others and Roy Cook are listening to Paula Brim’s discussion of the Holiday dinners challenges and possibilities. As additional representatives arrive from 11:30-40 am the focus is sharpened as Perse Hooper brings in sandwiches, drinks and chips as the attentions shifts to the expectations of, “Let’s eat.” Immediate movement, Stan Rodriguez blessing with munching and crunching and the small talk more spaced around the tables.

About noon-ish, Perse Hooper called for all representatives to introduce themselves and this was followed by the Round table of shared activities and forthcoming events.



Tanya Bigfeather TANF said Lynne Ray Smith might show up.

Roy Cook, American Indian Warriors Association representative.

Patrick Bea, San Diego Cherokees, will be having their annual meeting with- as yet unknown- Oklahoma Tribal officers and are having their meetings at the Centro also.

Chris Scott is buying a house, attended the Tribal Star presentation and was struck with the emotional issue of Indian Child placement. He delineated the Youth center programs and will not be able to serve as Council Treasurer.

Doug Planker, SDAIHeal Center, grant writer, announced Obama care since July 1, 11 has provided a Bridge to Reform for the Uninsured with conditions and limitations as to how many will be accepted. Call SDAIHC-619-234-2158 ext. 143 for more info.

Rachel Morrison, Mental Health program.

Bonnie, Randy Edmonds are back from Africa.

Paula Brim can use more help for the Holiday dinners and announced that Joe Buffer, Exect. Dir. SDAIHC, was hit by a car while he was riding his bicycle.

Vickie Gambala reported on the issues and mis-truths following her retirement from the SDUSD Indian Education Title VII program. Soaring Eagles are still going strongly.

IHRC employee Connie Greybull and Estelle Fisher could also use a bit more support for their programs.

Stan Rodriguez, whom also provided the blessing for the meal, wore many hats this time: KCC, DQU and the Santa Ysabel Veterans Memorial in November.

Henry Mendibles, SDSU 35th year of American Indian Studies, Looking back, Looking Forward: entertainment and informative panels at the Alumni center Nov. 3, 4, 11.

Kiana Mallet-Davis is still enthiastic about sports.

Ben Macias representing the Centro invited any to utilize their facilities in the future.

Ben Foster, Inter-tribal regional sports has organized soccer teams this fall.

______ and her daughter Mary are Muscogee Creek from Okla. She has just joined the SDAIHC Community board.

Following the Round Robin presentations Perse Hooper said she only had three items on the agenda:

Holiday Dinners- call for volunteers.

Treasurers position for the Council, tabled.

Council survey of goals and purpose, tabled.

Finally, everyone was invited to attend the California Indian Day celebration Honoring Patricia Dixon, September 22, 2011 at 5pm university of San Diego from 5-7pm.

Next Council Meeting, October 28, 2011: Fourth Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Centro Cultural de la Raza, Balboa Park.

Respectfully submitted by Roy Cook: Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR contract writer.

FYI: The American Indian Council's purpose is to gather for round table updates and discussions on our programs, projects and events. Our goals are:

1. To maintain consistent and effective networking meetings in order to improve communication and strengthen mutual support for the benefit and empowerment of the Native American community.

2. The Council also serves as a unified advocate voice for community issues requiring our intervention.

Meetings are held the fourth Friday of the month except for November and December as the Council sponsors the Community Holiday Dinners.

More FYI: Past notes in case you missed that meeting, too:

End of Summer meeting: August 26, 2011.

There is quite a bit of exciting activity in the works for this coming fall season. This meeting of the council gathered representatives and organizers of: political advocacy, education, Tribal culture and the social Holiday Dinners.

CAMOSDC Chairperson, Perse Hooper opened the meeting at 11:55am and called for the blessing from John Hood, Dine’ elder.

Elaborate introductions followed: Roy Cook, American Indian Warriors Association and SCAIR contract writer, Preston Chipps SDSU Alumni club, Dwight Lomayesva AIR program, Phillip Powers Cherokee community, Kiana Maillet-Davis (meeting host) YMCA, John Hood CalTrans, Paula Brim SDAIHC, Ben Foster Inter-tribal Sports, Beverly Neddeau New Horizons, Ozzie Monge CCdlR, Perse Hooper SCTCA, Chris Scott SDAIHC, Jill Sherman-Warne NAEPC, Tishmal Turner CSUSM, Tanya Bigfeather TANF, Lynne Ray Smith TANF,

1. CAMOSDC Agenda Items:

A. Treasurer election – Chris Scott

B. Padres event at the stadium

C. Council survey tabled

D. Holiday dinners- Paula Brim

CAMOSDC Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.

Next CAMOSDC Meeting: Fourth Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Centro Cultural de la Raza Balboa Park.