DIRECTIONS: The table on this sheet shows the ten states with the largest populations of Native Americans. Study the table carefully. Use the table to help you complete each statement or answer each question below. Write on the line the word or number that best completes each statement.



State Estimated Population State Estimated Population
Alaska 100,000 New York 76,000
Arizona 256,000 North Carolina 98,000
California 309,000 Oklahoma 263,000
Michigan 60,000 Texas 96,000
New Mexico 163,000 Washington 103,000

  1. The state with the largest population of Native Americans is ___________________


  2. How many states have Native American populations of at least 100,000 but fewer than and 200,000?


  3. How many states on the table have populations of Native Americans under

    100,000? __________ Those states are __________________________________________.

  4. The state with the fifth largest population of Native Americans is _______________.

  5. Arizona has fewer Native Americans than Oklahoma has. How many fewer Native Americans does Arizona have? __________________________

  6. The Native American population difference between _____________________________ and

    ________________________________ is about 20,000 people.

  7. The states with populations of Native Americans between 200,000 and 300,000 are


  8. How many more Native Americans live in New Mexico than live in Washington? ____________________

  9. The answer to question 8 is the same as the total Native American population for the state of


  10. Add up all the populations in the table. The total Native American population for the ten states is ____________________.