Happy Snappy Solid Halloween

By Roy Cook

Oak Park Elementary School auditorium is just west of 54th street and the College Grove center. This year’s Holiday theme is 1950s Rock and Roll. This Oak Park school is also the same location for the Title 7 Parents meetings and crafts classes. There is a tremendous turnout of over a hundred beautiful costumed children and adults this evening and fortunately there is plenty of on street parking available. This night, October 18, 2006, we can see inter-generational, grandparents, parents, grandchildren, continued participation of many familiar families and also many new faces coming into the Indian Education circle. There are good acoustics for lots of screams from the haunted house!

This evening we can see outstanding cooperation by various American Indian Council organizations for our Indian children. The Halloween Children’s party is a combined effort of many dedicated volunteers and San Diego Indian organizations: San Diego Indian Education, San Diego Indian Clinic, Indian Human Resource Center, American Indian Source.Com online publishing, San Diego TONKAWA Indian Elders, Kids Korp and the American Indian Warriors Association.

The main treat is the children’s smiles and the fun and games they and many adults enjoyed. Along with Hot dogs and condiments there is a selection of potluck dishes and cases of fresh cucumbers. A warm addition is the homemade chili beans by Jerry Starnes and excellent side dishes of salads and snack food also sweet pleasures: cup cakes, soda floats, flat cakes and candy, candy, CANDY!

It is a real joy to dress up and enjoy our urban Indian community in positive dynamic action. These Holiday gatherings are a very real treat for our Indian children and our Intertribal future, Indian Education students. We hope to see you at the next American Indian event.

Thank you, Aho, Mehan.