Wildcat Singers Present Traditional Songs for Izcalli.org

By Roy Cook

Jon Meza Cuero was invited by Macedonio Arteaga Jr. to participate at the Jacob Center in South East SD. The Jacobs center is a community complex at 404 Euclid Ave. San Diego, CA 92114. Jon accepted the singing commitment this Sunday 4/15/12 from mid-morning till done. Jon and his helpers: Ben Nance, Henry Mendibles and Roy Cook, opened and closed the blessing of the innocents ceremony with Kumeyaay Wildcat songs.
As Izacalli.org Director, Macedonio stated, “We need to keep the intention of what is being done in focus.” Much of what is being done is under the auspices of ceremonial leader "Indio" from New Pascua. This is a Yaqui community near Tucson, AZ. The "padrino" or compadre tradition has been very strong in the Hispanic communities throughout the greater South west. There are indigenous overtones at the heart of the tradition. The child's uncles and aunts assume the strong guiding role and responsibilities for the shaping of the child's character values and skills. This, in essence is the tenor of the speaker, Maestro Jerry Telle. He was from Texas originally and identified with the Wawitecan of that area.

Additionally, there was a large drum and a singing group that added to the ceremonial occasion. Also, there was a blessing water ceremony and copal to bless the parents, padrinos and the children. There were eagle feather ties for the hair of the children with lessons on the care and preservation of the talisman.

After the ceremony, during which photography was requested to be suspended and cell phones turned off, the officials had gifts and excellent food to be enjoyed by the attendees. All in all this was a fine day with the best of intentions for all to enjoy, Gracias, Aho and Mehan.