The site seeks to promote the sharing of the past, present and future tribal life. Our goals are to increase the awareness and perceptions of the total community to the evolving tribal environment. The primary guiding goal before us is RESPECT. Also these presentations seek to appreciate what have are our traditions, lifestyles, songs, stories and works of art. This respect encompasses the traditions of yesterday, the reality of modern tribal life and the promise of Native American tomorrow.
In our Tribal way of thinking, everything that happens is a significant event and the past is as real for us as being here right now. We are all connected to the things that happened at the beginning of our existence. These lifeways live on as they are handed down from our elders to tribal people today and will continue tomorrow. Tribal traditions are alive. Our tribal nations are peopled with living cultures, tradition and heritage. We recognize an inter dependence with the surrounding world. We are inspired by the dynamics of our tribal ways; tribal people come from diversified backgrounds. Each of the heritages and cultures is unique in it's own right. Each has specific methodology to use. We need both flexibility and spontaneity to reflect the needs of the community.
We are empowered by this common mission.
Retention and preservation of the American Indian tribal way of life.

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