Barona Celebrates Grand Opening of First Museum on a San Diego Indian Reservation
A Tribal Member Preview unveils the much-anticipated Barona Museum at the Cultural Center on Tuesday, January 25. The blessing and walk-through for Tribal Members will be at 5:30PM. The public grand opening is Wednesday, January 26 at 10:30AM.

The museum preserves the history of our ancestors with exhibits that showcase the artistry, science, and skill of the Southern California Indians, especially the Native people of San Diego County. This museum has been designated to inspire research about our native culture and educate our Tribal members as well as the greater community. Ultimately it is a tribute to the past and a legacy for our future.
The museum features more than 2,000 ancient artifacts, listening alcoves, diorama cases and interactive science displays. Many of the items on display are from the private collection of the late Ben Squier. Squier; a San Diego police officer in the early 1900's, was an avid collector of local Indian archaeology. Inland Entertainment, a consultant to Barona, purchased the collection from Squier's estate and then donated it to the Barona Band of Mission Indians. It is this collection, along with a lot of hard work and dedication by Barona Tribal Members, that enabled this museum to come to life.
We invite you to stop by the Barona Cultural Center and Museum on Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 5PM and Saturdays from 10AM to 5PM, or by appointment by calling the Museum Curator Cheryl Jeffrey, at
(619) 443-7003, ext 19. Donations are accepted in lieu of an admission fee.
As we move forward into the new Millennium and look back over the past decade, the Baron a people
are proud of the great strides we have made towards
self sufficiency and economic independence. This
has also given us the ability, at this great moment
in time, to preserve our culture and pass it on to generations to come.
Today you will hear a story of discovery. A story of
an incredible collection of ancient artifacts that date back as far as 10,000 years ago; These artifacts were discovered by our business consultants, Inland Entertainment Corporation. After purchasing the collection, Inland donated the entire collection to
the people of Barona. With over 2,000 priceless artifacts, it is a collection that has now come home,
to be preserved forever in this beautiful new Barona museum.
The museum will feature artifacts, scientific interactive displays, dioramas and also serve as an important Native American history resource. It has been designed to inspire further research about Our native culture and become an ever-lasting tribute to the past and a legacy for our future.
Welcoming Remarks, Chairman Clifford LaChappa

Beaver Curo, Barona Museum Committee Chair

Steve Banegas, Barona Tribal Council & Kumeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee

Presentation to the San Diego Sheriff's Department

Cheryl Jeffrey, Barona Museum Curator

Barona Tribal History presentation by children of the Barona Indian School

Birdsingers lead processional of Barona Tribal Members into the Barona Museum

All guests are invited to tour the museum and enjoy Native American foods.

Entertainment by thc Barona Little Hawks

Barona would like to recognize and thank all the volunteers who helped make the Barona Museum a reality.
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