The linguistically related Pai tribes had been meeting among themselves to discuss the issues of language/culture revitalization and maintenance. Through their dialogue, an idea arose to organize a language summit. Although originally designed to meet the needs of the Pai groups, an invitation was put forward to the extended Yuman family.

The attendees of this first gathering included representatives from the Hualapai, Havasupai, Yavapai, Maricopa, Mohave, and Quechan tribes. In total, there were around 90 participants. Each tribe provided a presentation about their own community's language situations, programs, and grass-roots endeavors. On the second day of the gathering, the attendees divided into smaller groups for round-table discussions on a variety of relevant issues.
And, of course we ate, sang, and danced into the night. Everyone had a wonderful time and learned something new about one-another. It felt good to be at a gathering where the Yuman people were the focus. The general consensus was that this type of gathering should continue. That brings us to where we are now.

To those who's vision and hard work made the first summit a success, we thank you. Now, we look forward to a second gathering, and call upon others with similar vision and dedication. Our goal is to at least double the number of attendees, with representatives from All Yuman tribes.


Agenda From the 2001 Summit

1st Annual
Yuman Language Summit
Hualapai Indian Reservation
Peach Springs, AZ 86434
Hualapai Multipurpose Building (digaw:v'vo)
December 4-5, 2001

Focus: Keeping Our Languages Alive

Tuesday Dec. 4th

8:00 am - Registration

Hualapai Tribal Chairperson Ms. Louise Benson
Yuman Language Family Tribal Council Members Panel
"Tribal Leadership and Importance of Language"
Introduction of BIA Superintendent Mr. Robert McNichols
Introduction of Pai Language Steering Committee
Introduction of Participating Yuman Language Family Tribes

Elders Panel
"Why my language is important to me"
Facilitator: Katherine Marquez

Youth Panel
"Why is speaking the Indian language important?"

1:30 Lunch on Own

Yuman Tribal Language Program Presentations
Facilitator: Lucille J. Watahomigie

Yuman Tribal Language Program Presentations
Facilitator: Jorigine Bender

6:00-7:00 Dinner Multipurpose Building

Yuman Language Family Traditional Entertainment
Facilitators: Cheryle Beacher and Lonnie Wilder

Honor elders - Pai Languages Steering Committee

Wednesday, Dec. 5th

Morning Session

Roundtable Discussion Sessions
Teaching techniques/methods for languages - Philbert Watahomigie Sr.

Materials development - Karen Ray

Curriculum development - Lucille Watahomigie

Where will we teach language programs? Head Start, schools, families? - Gary Owens Jr.

Recording oral traditions/traditional knowledge - Loretta Jackson

Storytelling (Coyote Stories) - Gregg Glassco

History of Yuman Languages - Gregg Glassco

Writing systems - Ted Vaughn Sr.

Spirituality and spiritual sites. Why does spirituality need to be addressed? - Katherine Marquez

Tribal leadership in Languages. Infrastructure. How do we communicate/share information between groups in tribes and between tribes? Start using language in community. Help our leaders work together and go beyond politics. - Lorretta Jackson

12:00 Lunch on own

Continue with Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Funding agencies, collaboration of Yuman Language Family Tribes


Informal Gathering at Multipurpose Building (digaw:v'vo)