San Diego Mayor Proclaims November Native American Month
By Roy Cook
There are many Native Americans involved in the greater San Diego Community. These Tribal people are all working hard for the betterment of our Indian People. Today an exceptional four are recognized by the Mayor of San Diego, Dick Murphy. San Diego City Council meeting chamber, Tuesday November 12, 2002. This Tuesday morning: Mary Hawk, Chief Manuel Hatam, Henry Rodriguez and Ron Christman are the honorees. /traditionalbird.html

They have been selected by the citizens advisory board, organized by the City of San Diego Mayor office. Mayor Dick Murphy read the biographical introductions and applauded their inspiration. Further, the Mayor proclaimed this November, Native American Month. Mayor Dick Murphy introduced the recipients to the council chambers. Henry Rodreguez was represented by his daughter Betty Rodreguez. Jane Dumas and her brother Adolph Thing represented their Great Grand Father Chief Manuel Hatam. /hatambio.html

She had some personal words to announce to the assembled group and a presentation to Mayor Murphy. "Our people come from the Earth. This earthenware pot is from our Kumeyaay land. At all times a pot must be beautiful because it hold life. Water is life and this pot will hold water." Said Jane to the Mayor.

Wanda Cook, Health board member also spoke to the group and presented a feather and special herbal botanicals to the Mayor. This insight into the American Indian culture is particularly significant because too often many non-Indian reporters and editors at major media newspapers cover the Native American community in terms of conflict.

This was a wonderful moment and all took full advantage of this high profile, positive view of our Native American Community recipients being honored. Many of the center and side seats of the city council viewing area were occupied by well wishers, friends and family of the honorees.
A good group of our Native American organizations were represented: Tonkawa Council of Elders, Indian Human Resource, American Indian Warriors Association, American Indian Movement, San Diego Police Department Community Relations, DQ University/ Sycuan, San Diego City Schools Indian Education Program, and others that, if I've overlooked them I apologize, you were there too.
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This is a wonderful event. It was topped off by a delightful and beautiful frosted flat cake brought by Joe Renteria. Many enjoyed this surprise in the reception area. A great time was experienced by all. This providing of food at an occasion is an ancient tradition - The Law of Hospitality.
In this same spirit, we welcome you, to join us in "Dancing the Circle."
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Roy Cook (Mazopiye Wichasha) Opata/Osage, author/publisher.
Photos and WebMaster: Ben Nance