San Diego Native American stories are brought to you by Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.

By Roy Cook

Thursday evening, April 26, 2012, SDAIHC Youth center, Soaring Eagle and Council of Native Americans organized event is filled with Native American community members, parents, TONKAWA Elders and SDUSD students and staff. Christopher Scott, Youth Center coordinator introduces himself and asks for all of his staff and invited support people to say who they are and what is on the program this evening. SCAIR senor advisor for Soaring Eagles Randy Edmonds introduced himself to this audience and provided the blessing for the feast and community this evening. He then gave the first call for Tonkawa Elders to be served first. And so it went across a generous and varied table of selections of grilled burgers and franks along with other adventurous pot luck selections were on hand. Thanks to Abel Jacome for providing the grill and Richard Orvedal for cooking. All the food prepared by the Razo’s was very tasty and the serving staff was most helpful. Intermittent raffles of donated items were very successful in focusing the audiences’ attentions. There were over 125 folks at the beginning of the evening and over 75 stayed till 9pm clean up time and the grand prizes were awarded to the lucky ticket owners.


A bright colorful rainbow of talent took the stage to: sing, share poetry, dance, demonstrate martial art, blowing Indian flute to a reggae beat by AIWA President William Buchanan was a wild success, hip hop free form, a traditional California Ipai Bird song by Soaring Eagle and Mesa Grande Band members Jake and Dakota Jacome.

Also, guitar songs shared by a recent SDSU graduate, storytelling and Indian jokes. The major achievement is the confidence of the performers to stand up and bring their talent to the community.

Late in the evening, sweet and nice dessert selections redlined the diabetes sugar gauges. This was truly guilt-less pleasure to enjoy. With another cup of coffee or punch to wash it all down and soon many made motions toward the door with a happy heart from the entertainment or raffle and full bellies this evening. Mehan, Aho!