Elders and Students meet at Youth Center for Thanksgiving Feast

By Roy Cook

Tuesday evening, Nov. 15, 2011 the SDAIHC Youth Center is filled with community members, parents, Elders and students and staff. Christopher Scott, Youth center coordinator introduces himself and asks for all to say who they are and why they are thankful this evening. This is an appropriate ice-breaker for the start of the evening. Spiritual and craft instructor, Sparrow asked her squeeze ‘Breed’ to sing a prayerful song as a blessing for the evening.


Other staff members were introduced and as Randy Edmonds came thru the door the first call for Elders first was announced, ages 70- 90. And so it went around a generous and varied selection of traditional and adventurous selections were on hand. All the food was very tasty and the serving staff was most helpful.






Sparrow then presented a DVD account of the East Coast version of the English and Wampanoag contact and feast. There is plenty to experience on many levels of enjoyment.





Sweet and nice desert selections redlined the diabetes sugar gauges. This was truly guilt-less pleasure to enjoy. With another cup of tea to wash it all down and soon many made movements toward the door with a happy heart and full bellies this evening.


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