By the Numbers

Subject:Language Arts,
Grade: 3-5, 6-8

Brief Description
Students learn about the populations of Native Americans in different states and practice reading a table.


Students correctly answer questions on a work sheet about the numbers of Native Americans in different states. Students demonstrate ability to read a table.


Native American, numbers, United States, states, table, population, census

Materials Needed

an example of a table from a school textbook ,copies of work sheet By the Numbers, pencils or pens

Lesson Plan

Extension: Have older students use graph paper to create graphs of the information on the work sheet table.


Evaluate students' work sheet answers.

ANSWER KEY: 1. California; 2. three; 3. Four, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Texas; 4. Washington; 5. 7,000; 6. New York, Texas; 7. Arizona and Oklahoma; 8. 60,000; 9. Michigan; 10. 1,524,000.