American Indian Culture Center

This morning is fresh. The rain last night and yesterday is a blessing to this event on the Barona Indian Reservation. Another solid achievement is added to the keystone structure begun by Donna Romero many years ago. Donna was successful in getting the gym built on the reservation.
Now, a new bright museum addition is a respectful part of the heritage on this reservation. Sitting here waiting for the speeches and presentations feels good with the warm sun on the back. There is a joyful excitement in this clean air. Many familiar faces and cameras galore.
The Barona Tribal members were here last night for their first views of the museum and conducted appropriate acknowledgments in conjunction with their traditions.
The first events were presented by the Barona Little Hawk dancers. This group was organized years ago by Terry Welch "Montoya" and now, in its third generation, is overseen by Joan Phoenix. Glen Ahhitty is the moderator and lead singer for the morning's entertainment. The Little Hawks participated gloriously'. These wonderful young dancers charmed everyone.
Glen Ahhitty sang Flag song, Entry song, Women's Traditional, Grass Dance, Buffalo and Snake and of course the ever popular friendship dance song. Many joined in and danced their way into the hearts of the organizing committee and dignitaries.
Kumeyaay Bird Singers: John Christman, Junior Cuero, Steve Banegas Louie Guassac sang and led the people in processional fashion, into the museum. It is just a grand tour of local Kumeyaay heritage and memories. Barona elected Tribal Chairman Clifford LaChappa spoke from the heart, sharing that this was "a special moment of historical significance for the people of Barona"
There were further acknowledgments of: Steve Banegas, Barona Tribal Council & Kumeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee.
Finally, the casino provided excellent refreshments and a fine buffet. Mehan!

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