2008 Yuman Language Summit

Sixth Annual Yuman Language pictures and more story:


Barona Convention Center
Barona Indian Reservation
Lakeside, CA

Day One, April 29 — Yuman bird singers and bird dancers celebrate during the opening ceremony, blessing by Albert "Boxie" Phoenix, Barona elder.

Kumeyaay bird singers sang Yuman songs. Leroy Elliot, Manzanita(in red ribbon shirt), Larry Benagas, Barona (in blue ribbon shirt), John Christman, Louis Guassac, Mesa Grande, and Demetrio Pulido, La Huerta, are pictured singing and playing traditional gourd rattles in the above photograph.

Kumeyaay elders Leroy Elliot and Jane Dumas, Jamul, shake hands during a walk-around greeting after the birdsinging and birddancing was performed. Richard Bugbee, Luiseño, is pictured pushing Jane along in a wheelchair.


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